Second Chance to Dream: Who I am In Christ: I am Complete #biblestudy #lifelesson

Who I am in Christ: I am Complete in Christ

It’s time for another lesson in our Freedom in Christ study. This week we are focusing on I am Complete in Christ. Col. 2:9-10 For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form, and  in Him you have been made complete, and He is the head over all rule and authority. NASB… Read More »

Second Chance to Dream: Bewtichin' Project Party

Bewitchin’ Project Party & Features #13

Welcome and come on in!!! It’s so nice to have you back to our Betwitchin’ Project Party. Bewitch means to enchant and delight (someone).  We know that you will find LOTS of  projects that will delight you! It’s time to link up and find some inspiration!! This party is brought to you by these lovely hostesses! Please… Read More »

Stephen 1

How to Prepare the House & Kitchen for the Holidays

How to Prepare the House & Kitchen for the Holidays Thanksgiving and the winter holidays are right around the corner, and that typically means plenty of parties and gatherings with loved ones. Is your home ready to receive visitors? Use these tips to prepare every area of your house, including your kitchen, for the upcoming holiday… Read More »

Second Chance to Dream: Kids Thanksgiving Printables

Kids Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving is coming soon so I wanted to create some Kids Thanksgiving Printables for the kiddos to use while the food is cooking or boredom sets in. Our pastor this Sunday shared Psalms 9 and he was saying that Psalms 9 was an acrostic.  He suggested we take the alphabet and find one thing we… Read More »

Second Chance to Dream: DIY Give Thanks Wooden Tags

DIY Give Thanks Wood Tags

My daughter ran across this pin  for these DIY Give Thanks Wood Tags and I loved them.  We were getting  together last weekend so we decided to make a set for each of us.  Supplies needed: 2 tags cut 7″ wide x 18″ long cream paint copper paint vinyl Silhouette pattern- Give Thanks or whatever you… Read More »


Second Chance to Dream: 5 Recipes that use Garden Fresh Turnips

5 Recipes that use Garden Fresh Turnips

Our garden this year is doing so well!  I’m very grateful and I’m loving trying  new recipes.  This week I want to share 5 Recipes that use Garden Fresh Turnips.  My experience with turnips has only been with one dish.  Every year at Christmas we make a dish called winter trio.  It is potatoes, rutabaga… Read More »


{20} Quick & Easy Ground Beef Recipes

Most of my blog posts come from a need I have and this one is no different.  I have never been good at menu planning.  When it’s time to make supper my mind freezes and I can’t think of anything to make.  We raise cattle for the meat so I am blessed with an abundance… Read More »

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Life Lessons

Is it REALLY all about ME?

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you truly loved  and accepted yourself?  I do often.  Now I’ve had times when I’ve truly accepted and loved myself but I’ve had more times that I haven’t.  I think there are various reasons why I don’t stay there. Today I was reading the… Read More »


Love Your Body Postponed

It is ironic that I plan to post this series today on Loving your Body and yesterday at 8:00 am I got a phone call every parent dreads.  Mrs. Camp this is Liz a social worker for Bronson Emergency we need you to call this number as soon as possible.  I received a call that… Read More »

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DIY Crafts

Second Chance to Dream: Upcycled Door Hanging

Upcycled Fall Door Hanging

I have a quick, inexpensive Upcycled Fall Door Hanging project I want to show you today.  I was at Goodwill and saw this tin basket.  It had seen it’s better days.  It was marked $1.99 but had a pink tag which was 1/2 price that day. Of course I snagged it up.  I wasn’t quite… Read More »


Monogram Burlap Wreath

I’m sharing a tutorial on how to make a Monogram Burlap Wreath today. I am slowly getting back into the swing of life. One of the ways I’m doing this is by being creative.   Being creative FEEDS MY SOUL!  It gives me so much LIFE!  It’s still not warm here in Michigan and I… Read More »

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Free Printables


DIY Spring Banner

Hi!!!  I’m so ready for spring.  Since it’s still winter in Michigan I decided I would bring some Spring to my home. Changing your my mantel is a GREAT way to to do it.  I LOVED my Valentine book bunting I made and wasn’t ready to give up the book page look.  So, I found… Read More »


{Weekly Blog Goals} Printable + Planner Dividers

I’m back with a couple more printables.  I’m not gonna lie this project is much more time consuming than I ever dreamed.  No wonder Etsy is full of these and they are charging for them.  It’s not a project for the faint-hearted. I should have started this project months ago.  So please take advantage of my… Read More »

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