Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas….

We have been wanting to redo our 13 year old boys bedrooms. It hasn’t been redone since we moved in 8 years ago, so it’s really time.    I have been on the hunt for ideas that will grow with them and ideas that they both can agree on..  These boys are night and day different from each other. One wants camo and the other wants everything sports.  Hmmm…. to Pinterest I must go.

I am in love with this bedroom.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the stripes and I had already bought some grey and gold paint and planned to do stripes. So, I feel like I’m visualizing our room.  I also really like the curtains.  
Both my boys really like this basketball hoop.  They think they need one.  I think it would be really fun for them but not sure how well they would go to sleep.  I can just hear them up there at 11:00 PM playing a game of one-on-one or horse.  Not sure….but it is cool…

I also love the jerseys hanging.  We have several jerseys set aside to use in there.
I LOVE the looks of this desk and I have tons of old bookshelves to use, but as much as I love the looks will the desk really be used or just collect junk?  And do I want them to be upstairs doing homework where I can’t see them.  Decisions, decisions…
I love this idea I found while working at a clients house.  
She hung pennants and medals on cafe clips and used as curtains. 
 will for sure be doing that with all the various Michigan sports teams as well as their medals.
I love this chalkboard door with basketball hoop.  I highly doubt I would be allowed to paint our doors since my husband just replaced put in solid oak doors.  I don’t think so, but I could paint a space on the wall with chalk board paint. Maybe close to the basketball hoop.

I love this idea as well.  It doesn’t look too hard to make it and I know one of the boys would love it.

I think these are super cool and we have a lot of jerseys saved.  This one will probably be a must.

I’m having a hard time finding camo that would with a sports theme. I did find this bedspread from Pottery Barn. But that’s about it.
Well… I’ll be keeping my eyes open for fun ideas for their room. I hope to get working on it this summer.  If you see anything camo for older boys will you pass it on to me?  Do you have anything fun for a teen boys bedroom?


I somehow missed this cool room when I put together this post and it really needs to be seen.  It’s from Kim at Today’s Creative Blog. There are several things I love in this room.  I love the bulletin board, I love the stripe at the ceiling, I love the hexagon shelves over the bed.  I love the number on the back of the chair.  I could go on and on.  Thanks Kim for great ideas!

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  1. says

    My stepsons wanted a beach themed room so we are in the process of making that a reality. Weather woods, hawaiian shirt fabric, etc. Can't wait to see how yours all turns out. Thanks so much for sharing on Tout It Tuesday! Hope to see you next week. I was thinking, is it the camo colors he likes or the pattern? If it is the pattern, maybe you could do that below a chair rail in the whatever team's colors you wanted.

  2. Carri says

    You do have some fantastic idea's there…all of my kids are grown and married but I'll have to share this with my kids who have sons…. SUPER IDEA"S!!!!!Thanks for sharing at the ALL STARS BLOCK PARTY…Carrisimplydonewright.blogspot.com

  3. says

    I love the stripes too, it kinda looks like a giant hockey jersey! Can't wait to see what you do with his room. Thanks for sharing this at The Fun In Functional!

  4. says

    Great ideas. I would love if you linked them up to Show Off Monday @ Kampenlane.comhttp://www.kampenlane.com/2012/07/show-off-monday-and-craft-im-not-bored.html~Taylor

  5. says

    We have been working on our son's bedroom also, he just turned 13. So far we've got basketball art and posters of rap artists. Thanks for sharing these great ideas on the Our Favorite Things Link Party. Have a great week.Karri

  6. says

    Lots of great inspirations!!!!Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality! Don't forget to swing by this evening.. I can't wait to see what you link up! :)

  7. Sophie Atkins says

    I bet my son would love these ideas! Being a mompreneur, I want to be “hands on”, in terms of my child, that’s why I pay attention to all his stuff, just like his bedroom.

  8. says

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