DIY Halloween Memory Tree

This is one my very favorite fall projects I’ve ever made- Halloween Memory Tree.  It just makes me happy and let’s me relive lots of fun memories!
It’s very simple to make.
Gather your supplies:
Gather all your old Halloween photos. Print the photos in wallet size.
 Various colors of felt
 Various fall/Halloween ribbon
Glue or glue gun
Sewing Machine- optional
Once you’ve gathered all your supplies you will need to:
1.  Cut and trim all your photos.  You can use patterned scissors to add some texture to the photos.
2.  Take your photo and lay it on the color of felt of your choice.  Cut the felt a little larger than your picture.
3.  Add glue to the edge. You can use hot glue as well as Elmer’s glue.  Cut a piece of ribbon  and glue it on the felt.
4.  Place the photo on the felt.  Once dry you can sew around the edge either in zig zag or straight stitch and this step is totally optional.

To add to the tree I took some stickers from my scrapbooking stash and made some ornaments with them.

Once you have your ornaments made you add them to the tree and enjoy them all fall long. It’s easy to add to it every year.  I store all my ornaments in a ziploc baggie.   At thanksgiving you can take these ornaments off and cut out leaves with ribbon on them and turn it into a “thankful” tree.

What’s one of your favorite ways for your whole family to relive memories???
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