Which Woman are You? And my New Name

Before I get into what I wanted to share today I need  to share with you the name God gave me.  If you missed that post you can go here.  God gave me the name “mighty warrior”.  I knew the name was from Him because he woke me up in the middle of the night.  That’s often when He teaches me my biggest lessons. (He has to wake me up because that’s the only time He has my full undivided attention.)  I have to be very honest with you and tell you at first I had a very hard time accepting my new name.I even cried about it. I know, don’t leave, just read the rest of the story.   The name felt like work to me.  Someone who was always fighting. I’m tired!  I also had a hard time because it wasn’t on the list that Kori had given us to choose from as if God can be contained to a list. And I wanted a “pretty” name. Most women were getting names like “treasured one”, “a precious gift”, “beloved”, etc. It took me a couple weeks to step into that name and a lot of asking God to show it to me differently.  And He did show me differently. I had several God Kisses on my new name.

One God kiss came when I shared with a mentor friend my angst over my name.  She found something in a magazine and cut it out and brought it to me.  This is what she found:

OK, I had to explain that in order to share this lesson and show how God specifically met ME in a very personal way. You’ll find that at the end of the Bible study lesson.

If you’ve been doing the last two lessons are you feeling more  LOVED?   Did you know we have a very personal God?   Did you know that the Father delights to show us our great value and position in His Kingdom?  Did you know that we can ask him questions about He made us uniquely and special?   I suppose I knew this but didn’t practice it.  In Bible study this week Kori shared that one way she has learned this lesson was by God leading her to women in the Bible.  She asked us to pray a prayer, then gave us a list of many women of the Bible and asked us to ask God which women He would like to teach us something about ourselves from.  So, I’d like us to do that.  Here is the prayer:

Dear Father God, Thank you for creating me the way that You did.  I believe that You make everything glorious and that includes me.  Lord, I don’t always feel glorious and I confess that sometimes I wish that my personality or circumstances might be different.  Forgive me for the questions you by critiquing your creation ___________ (put your name here).  Father, would You teach me about myself? Would You show me what You see in me?  Lord, as I look through this list of women in the Bible, I am asking You to lead me to 1 or 2 woman that You could use to teach me more about myself. As I read their story, I am asking that You would help me supernaturally understand them and myself like never before.  In Jesus Name, Amen

OK, for the sake of time and space use this list of Women of the Bible.  There are several other lists, just search on Google if you don’t like this one.

Note:  Don’t worry if he leads you to Jezebel or Gomer, it may be He wants to teach you through their circumstances or to show you what you would be like without His mercy. Just trust Him to lead and teach you.

Step 1: Wait for God to lead you to the right woman. Write your woman’s name below.

Step 2:  Begin reading from her perspective and put yourself in her shoes.  Remember that the same Spirit that was there hovering over these woman knowing all their thoughts, and feeling is the same Spirit that lives inside of you, teaching and guiding you through the passage.

Step 3: Ask the Spirit to put His thoughts in your mind so that you answer these questions?

What was she going through?

How would you describe her personality?

How do you think she felt?

How did she react to her circumstances?

What do you lie about her?

Is there anything you didn’t like about her?

Can you describe her character or lack of character?

Can you see yourself in this woman?

Why did the Father lead you to read about this woman?

Write a prayer responding to the things He taught you.

OK, now to finish the story.  The woman God gave me was Deborah.  I knew a little bit about Deborah.  I knew she was  a judge for Israel and sat under a tree to judge the people.  The morning I did this I was reading from my Bible instead of my phone.I know that sounds weird but  I like to use my phone because I can switch between versions and I have access to commentaries with one click.  That morning He had woken me up an hour earlier than usual and asked me to read.  So I laid in bed and read on my Kindle app on my phone.  When I got up to do my quiet time my phone needed to be charged so I couldn’t use it.  So I grabbed my Bible and when I opened up Judges 4 to read the very first thing I saw was this:

I was surprised but NOT surprised!  God loves me so uniquely. He was answering my prayers for Him to show ME the how/why of my new name. Right down to the fact I read my Bible that day.  It was after I did this lesson I was able to write my new name on my mirror.

 If God calls me to be a “mighty warrior” He will give me the strength to do it.  I also had a friend  remind me that if she had a problem in life she was calling the “mighty warrior” for prayer before she called the “precious gift”.(Thanks Kathi)  Thanks for letting me share my heart! I often feel very naked when I do this part of blogging.  But, I’m being obedient and that’s what matters.

   Let God love on you this week!  He so wants to do it.  
Feedback?  Did you get a new name?  Did God speak to you through one of the women in the Bible?

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