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Life Lessons

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Birthday, DIY, Tutorial

DIY Candy Cake Tutorial

My son Andrew is 21 today! Happy Birthday Drew!!! We love you!!! I really was trying to rack my brain to think of a fun cake idea, that isn’t cake.  Our family is kinda weird… [read more]

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas….

We have been wanting to redo our 13-year-old boys’ bedrooms. It hasn’t been redone since we moved in 8 years ago, so it’s really time.    I have been on the hunt for ideas that… [read more]

Free Printable, Goal setting, Life Lessons

Guest Post on “Life Plans” + Free Goal Printable

Chris Camp, my son who lives in Atlanta GA is guest posting for me today. He is the owner of “The Painting Company” and I’ve watched his business grow from nothing to a very profitable… [read more]

4th of July, DIY Craft Tutorial, Summer

Upcycled Window Pane Flag

I have had this old window frame with this flag panel in it for years.  I LOVE it, but as you can see it is really faded.  So I thought it was time for some… [read more]

Camping Desserts, Camping Food, Cooking with Foil and Hobo pie irons

Camping Dessert & Snack Ideas

  As promised I’m back with my final installment of camping ideas.  If you missed the first two you can find them at Camping part 1  and Camping part 2.  There are lots of organization… [read more]

Camping Activities, Camping Organization, Travel Games

Camping Activity Ideas

As promised in  my Camping 2012 part 1 post I said I’d be back with some fun camping activities and dessert ideas.  So I’m back to do that. I’ll start with some ideas for activities: Kids always seem… [read more]