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Life Lessons

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Goal setting, Life Lessons

Turning your Dreams into Goals~

  source OK, lets review what we’ve learned the last two weeks.  In  Dreaming 101 we learned that we have to sometimes unearth our dreams.  Sometime they  lie dormant.  I shared some questions to help you… [read more]

Camping Activities, Camping Food, Camping Organization, Cooking with Foil and Hobo pie irons

Camping Organization & Meal Ideas

We LOVE to camp.  OK most of us do.  With the various ages of our children(34-13), it is an activity we can do together. There is nothing like the smell of campfires and lazy days… [read more]

Fathers Day, Honoring your Husband, Life Lessons

10 Ways to Honor Dad on His Special Day

How often do we “honor” our husband, the father of our children?  I know for me life gets soooo busy and I  go through the motions, through the grind of life and don’t take the… [read more]

DIY, Outdoor DIY, Simple DIY Bench, Upcycled

Simple Rustic “Headboard” Bench Tutorial

We have 9 garden beds in our yard.  One of our goals this summer was to put a structure piece in each garden. Two of the gardens already had something that we got last year…. [read more]

Life Lessons

Dreaming 102

Did you learn anything about yourself last week?  Did you unearth any buried dreams?  I did!  It’s dreams I’ve had buried for years.  I’ve scraped the dirt and dust off of them, and picked them… [read more]

DIY, Outdoor DIY, Pillows

DIY All Weather Pillows

My project today is  a pair of DIY All Weather Pillows.  It was super easy and adds so much color to my outside sitting area.   My husband made me a beautiful pergola swing which I LOVE!!! … [read more]