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Life Lessons

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Gratitude, Life Lessons

Be a “Good Finder”?

Years ago, I learned a principle that I fall back on when I find myself being very frustrated with someone.  That principle is to be a “good finder”.  I purposely seek to find the “good… [read more]

Family Activities, Relationships

Happy Easter!!

Here is some more pictures of our Easter weekend: The girls and I made Easter cookies and bird nest cupcakes.      I wish Syd’s eyes were open.  She really is enjoying that frosting.   … [read more]

Family Activities, Relationships

Spring Break at G-ma’s!

I got the privilege this week to enjoy my granddaughters Addyson-7 and Sydnee-5.  One of their favorite things to do at my house is to do crafts.  The first part of the week it was just Addyson… [read more]

Family Activities, Gratitude, Life Lessons

“Thank You Jesus” Easter Tree

I am reading a great book called “One Thousand Gifts, A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are” by Ann Voskamp.  The book talks about the importance of counting God’s gifts-graces and challenges you to… [read more]

Free Printable, Life Lessons

Spiritual Alzheimer’s?

  I don’t know about you, but I seem to have spiritual Alzheimer’s.  God does something for me and I forget. I don’t just forget I fall back into self-sufficiency.  I worry and stress and try… [read more]

Life Lessons, Thought Life

Are you a striver??

 I am a striver!  If there is a problem I try and fix it.  I love to learn, I love to read, and hence I have every self-help book known to man (not really but… [read more]