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Life Lessons

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Life Lessons

Starting New…

Today is Jan. 1st.  A fresh blank slate for all of us.  Does that inspire you?  Does it scare you?  I think I have both excitement and fear.  I’m so excited to start fresh and… [read more]

Free Printables, Life Lessons

My One Word for 2018

 I LOVE the New Year! I LOVE the BLANK PAGES on the calendar. It’s a time for NEW beginnings, New Dreams, New Goals! It’s very motivating to me.  Last year in our women’s Bible study we… [read more]

Free Printables, Life Lessons

What did you do well in 2017? Reflections on 2017

Before we head into 2018, take some time to sit down and look at 2017.  What did you do well?  What can you improve, etc.?  I’m giving you a free printable with some guided questions… [read more]

Free Printables, Goal setting

Free Goal Printables for 2018

One of my favorite things to do during the week between Christmas and New Year’s is to set some goals.  I absolutely love the thought of a fresh clean start.  Today,  I’m sharing 2 different… [read more]

Life Lessons

Gifts for Lifelong Learners

Image via Pixabay Gift cards are great, and almost everyone can use a subscription to a streaming service. But if you want to spend more time in the new year on activities that will improve… [read more]


Why the Holidays Can Antagonize Mental Health Disorders

by Alek Sabin The holidays can be a wonderful time of year. I mean, that’s the point! Right? Goodwill and cheer, spending time with family, a pervading sense of togetherness against everything else that goes… [read more]