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Life Lessons

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Outdoor DIY

Ways to brighten your summer yard with spray paint

I LOVE summer!  I love the smell of freshly mown green grass.  I LOVE the blue skies.  Traverse City, MI has some of the most gorgeous blue skies ever in summer. I LOVE sitting on… [read more]

Free Printables, Graduation

2018 Graduation Party Printables

It’s that time of year again.   My how time flies.  It’s Graduation season.  I am sharing with you some FREE 2018 Graduation Party Printables today. These Party Printables are perfect for all your graduation party… [read more]

Healthy Living

4 Yoga Tips for Beginners

By Aurora McCausland How many of us have spent an embarrassing amount of time, scrolling through their explore feed on Instagram? It’s so easy to just get sucked in and absorbed into all of the… [read more]

Life Lessons

Spring Clean your Finances

We are nearing the end of the Spring Clean your Life Series.  I hope you have benefited from it. If you haven’t it’s NEVER too late to start.  Even if it’s fall you can do… [read more]

Life Lessons

Spring Clean your Health

The winter months can bring some unhealthy habits.  If you are like me you get sedentary and gain some weight and create some bad health habits. Then spring comes and I going into bathing suit… [read more]

Life Lessons

Spring Clean your Soul

How are you doing?  Really doing? Not the answer you think I want to hear but the real answer.  Are you weary? Are you stagnant? Are you going through the motions of life?  If so… [read more]