A Lamp Birdbath??

Lamp+Birdbath A Lamp Birdbath??

What do you do with a gawdy old lamp?

gawdy+lamp A Lamp Birdbath??
 and a lazy susan ??
lazy+susan A Lamp Birdbath??
and a can of hammered spray paint??
spray+paint A Lamp Birdbath??
You make a bird feeder/birdbath of course!
lamp+bird+feeder+bath A Lamp Birdbath??
 To make this you take the lamp shade off and cut off the plug.
cutting+cord A Lamp Birdbath??
You spray paint your lazy susan
painted+lazy+susan A Lamp Birdbath??
and when it’s dry you glue it to the top of the lamp with liquid nails.

lamp+bird+feeder+bath+setting A Lamp Birdbath??

Now you have a lam birdbath!! Very simple, inexpensive garden art

As I was setting the lamp in my garden I had a bird land and come in to eat!
  I love when God blesses me that way!!
Also, another gift from God for me this morning.
poppy A Lamp Birdbath??
Green+rubeckia A Lamp Birdbath??
Lupine A Lamp Birdbath??
iris A Lamp Birdbath??
Beauty from my garden!!
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DIY+Outoor+Projects A Lamp Birdbath??

8B4ABD42046C3AEF900C10458DEE3BCB1 A Lamp Birdbath??

New Button party A Lamp Birdbath??

DIYLinkPartyButton A Lamp Birdbath??one+project+link+party A Lamp Birdbath??pwwbutton A Lamp Birdbath??

madskillsbutton A Lamp Birdbath??TipMeTuesdayButton1 A Lamp Birdbath??Chair%2Bon%2Bright%2Blike%2Bheader A Lamp Birdbath??takealookbutton A Lamp Birdbath??


NewThinkPink Button150 A Lamp Birdbath??EHanything A Lamp Birdbath?? KISmmm 001 A Lamp Birdbath??

MYMbutton A Lamp Birdbath??

lilluna linking up A Lamp Birdbath?? 


whimsywednesdaysfeatured 1 A Lamp Birdbath??

978446890 7b2ZN O2 A Lamp Birdbath??
Bowdabra Blog Feature A Lamp Birdbath??buttontt 1 A Lamp Birdbath??

10p6820 A Lamp Birdbath??
COSButton ToutItTuesdays A Lamp Birdbath??
FabulousFridayButtoncopy2 A Lamp Birdbath??
TTO 3 A Lamp Birdbath??

beforeAndAfterButton thumb1 A Lamp Birdbath??

wow me A Lamp Birdbath??

fun button A Lamp Birdbath??

Monday1 A Lamp Birdbath??


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  1. says

    Very neat. I made a mini birdbath from an old lamp and an old globe. Thought about using it as a feeder but I figured the squirrels would knock it over.

  2. says

    Wow! I have a lamp I was looking at earlier, wondering "what can I do to make this thing look any better?!" and now I know! I love the shape of your lamp in the garden. It's so fun! Maybe I'll make a bird bath as I'm already feeding the whole entire neighborhood's worth of birds! :)

  3. Carri says

    I just love everything from your blog… you are a rock star!!!! I am so glad I found your blog and that you linked up with the ALL STARS BLOCK PARTY…. just awesome!!! =)Carrisimplydonewright.blogspot.com

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