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DIY+Bench+Tutorial DIY Bench

The project I want to do today is a simple DIY bench.

Finished+bench+4 DIY Bench
 I needed a bench in our new garden bed.  We had one I bought at a garage sale
 for 2.00 years ago but as you can see it’s seen it’s better days.
Old+bench DIY Bench
So he took it apart and used it as a template.

Now I figured since he was going to be making one bench, I could really use a second one for my porch.  And isn’t just as easy to do two at one time, cause I know I would eventually have him get the supplies out again and make another one.  So, he made two benches for me.  Here’s the one for my porch:

Finished+bench+2 DIY Bench
Here are the supplies needed for one bench with wood left over:
2 1″x4″x8′ pieces of treated wood
1 1″x6″x4′ piece of treated wood
2 1″x8″x8′ piece of treated wood
Liquid Nails
Screw Gun 
1 1/2″ Deck Screws
A Table Saw
Exterior paint- we used wood stain
First Step:  Cut 4 1″x8″ boards 16″ long
bench+step+1 DIY Bench
Next take the 4 boards you just cut and cut them like this:
bench+drawing+step+2 DIY Bench
Once all 4 are cut lay them out like this:
bench+step+2. DIY Bench
Cut 2- 1×4 boards 11 1/4 ” long and glue with liquid nails and then screw to the top of the 2 boards pushed together. Warning it might slide when you screw it until the liquid nails is dry.
bench+step+3. DIY Bench
Cut 2 1″x4″ pieces of wood 10 1/2 ” wide. (We used a scrap piece of wood)
Once both pieces are glued and screwed, flip them over.  
Measure 8″ from the top and glue in place and then screw. 
Repeat for the other side.
bench+step+4. DIY Bench
Cut 2 1″x4′s 45″ long
Once they are cut stand up the 2 pieces you just finished and set the 1″x4″ in the notches with 3 1/2″ on each end overhanging as shown:
bench+step+5 DIY Bench
bench+step+7 DIY Bench
Square it up and then glue and screw it into place.
When you are done with botrh sides your bench should look like this:
bench+step+8 DIY Bench
Cut a 1″x4″ piece 11 1/4″ long.  Measure the bench 22 1/2″ in on one side and put the brace in place.
Add glue and then screw.
bench+step+8a DIY Bench
Cut 1  1″x’8″  45″ long
Cut 1 1″x 6″ 45″ long
Glue in place and then screw
bench+step+9 DIY Bench
Next paint the bench.  We used an exterior deck stain purchased from Home Depot.  Then place the finished project in the perfect spot.
Thanks honey for all your hard work and for making two of these for me!! I appreciate it!!
Finished+bench+3 DIY Bench
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8B4ABD42046C3AEF900C10458DEE3BCB1 DIY Bench

pinit1 DIY Bench
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