DIY Candy Jar Bird Feeder

Second Chance to Dream: Candy Jar Birdfeeder.

  I am soooooo in LOVE with today’s project. I love being able to use common things in an uncommon way.  I guess you would classify  me as a very eclectic person.  Anyway, I’ll get back on track now. Here is a tutorial for a Candy Jar Bird Feeder:

 To start you need to gather your supplies:
Supplies Needed:
 A Candy Jar
A Glass cylinder vase bought from Dollar Tree
Glass Paint- Note- I did NOT end up using the one pictured above.  It wasn’t transparent enough for me. I used Plaid Gallery Glass.  See picture below.
A bag of different sized marble filler
Glue- I used Household goop- You want something clear
Paint Brush
Clear Protective Spray- not shown
To begin paint your candy jar and let dry.  I wanted a colored candy dish and couldn’t find one.  So I decided to paint one.
Add  your glass marbles to the cylinder glass vase.
Add a generous amount of glue.
Very carefully put all the pieces together.  Note:  The pieces will slide so check often to make sure it doesn’t move off center.
Next take about an arms length of wire and begin to wrap around the handle on the lid.  I wrapped it around 6-7 times.  
Add beads if you choose.  I did 3 beads on each side.  At the top twist it 5-6 times around and add a few more beads to the top. I added some glue to the wire and the beads so that it would hang properly.  Let dry overnight.
Add your birdseed and hang in your favorite spot.  I hung mine right outside my kitchen window so when I do dishes I can watch the birds eat.  
 I am in LOVE with this project!!!  This would make a great gift.  I also have a girlfriend who just moved into a new house.  This might be a fun gift for her. The possibilities are endless.  
Happy Creating!!!
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    Barb!!!! This is FABULOUS!!!!! What an amazing creations!! It's too pretty to go outside! heheThanks so much for sharing at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!!

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    Same here I so love this project. It is colorful and just cheap we can find any kind of sizes for candy jar or jars depending on how creative I will become hehe. Thanks for the idea.Pink Tulips

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    When it comes to display containers for any kind of retail store or restaurant, the options seem endless. Candy jars are especially popular choices because they are so versatile. They can hold a multitude of different kinds of merchandise not just candy and when they're empty you can simply refill them or use them for another purpose entirely.

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    I would really love to make this for my mom, this mother's day. How practical is it though? Meaning, a high wind comes along, will it hold up. You said you put it outside your window, does it hit your window? I just fear it breaking or breaking a window. Any feed back will be helpful. Thank you!!


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