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School will be starting soon.  My daughter-in-law Marcy is a teacher in GA and she starts July 30th!!  Ahhhhh I’m not ready for school yet, but it’s coming faster than I want it to and I want to be organized when it does come.  I went on a search to find some easy, inexpensive Back to School Organization.   Here are some things I found that would be practical for our family.  Hopefully, these will give you some ideas as well.
Look at this Back to School Station from 36th Avenue.  It’s super fun, colorful and very organized. I like how the calculator and ruler are hanging.  I wonder if Desiree has a way for things to magically be put back??  If anyone has a secret, let me know!

I like the white boards and the three baskets hanging for papers and folders.
Keep track of each child’s daily schedules and hang backpacks and coats beneath each child’s name.
This link is to a super awesome site of resources for teachers or homeschool moms.  Lots of great resources. Wouldn’t this be great for those times your kids need to bring back library books on Mon. or homework that’s assigned earlier in the week.  When done you could just set it in the appropriate basket until time to return it.
Pinned Image
I love the look of this. Love it! Great way to bring in color inexpensively.  Not sure how practical it would be in our families lives, but I love the look.
Clip Artistry
This would be great for a large family.
PB Kids inspired Family Daily Organization Board
Love the looks of this dual station.
Cute, SIMPLE Homeschool/Homework Station
Again another system to hang back packs underneath it each individual child’s to do. I like the pictures on them.  I’m pretty sure my 13 yo boys wouldn’t like their pictures up there..
I’m in love with this combo desk and have been for a long time. I included this picture in my Teen Boys Bedroom ideas. The only place it would work in our house is in the boy bedrooms and I honestly think it would never get used or the homework would never get done because it’s out of my site.  But I’m in love…..
I like the pegboard and the color.  Looks like they used Ikea towel bars to hang things.
These are poster board organizers.  Inexpensive!
I like the cork board with the initials on it.  You could customize this for your needs.
Message Center
Just a cute little organized space.  Aren’t the clothes pins glued to the shelf with the days of the week clever?
Small Space Home Offices
Here are a few smaller organizers. 
Anyone of these would be great on our kitchen desk so everything is very accessible.
homework station 5

I learned something about  myself.  I LOVE the looks of all these spaces. What I love is the clean, crisp, organized look.  Mine starts out looking that way, but doesn’t always stay that way.  I’m great at planning and accomplishing this look, but keeping it that way is another thing.  Anyone else have this issue or am I the only one????

I’m going to pull from a few of these ideas and put them together and I’ll show you next week what I did.  I’ve got my creative juices flowing.  Here is the link to My Back to School Organization

Do you have a great way you organize for Back to School?  Please share.

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  1. says

    Hi, Barb!!! Just came over form Leanne's blog!Great ideas for back to school!!My soon just graduated and is going to University in September!I will try to copy some of these to his desk. I still don't have anything on the wall, I loved the boards and also the desk organizers!I am now following you!

  2. says

    Definitely lots of great ideas! I'm with you on the whole organized but not so good at staying that way. We always fall to pieces.:)

  3. Anonymous says

    I am deferentially the same way. Would probably stay that way for about a week then a mess all over again.

  4. says

    Hey! I'm here via the Fabulous Friday linkup. These are all wonderful – its a bit motivating (even though I'm not quite ready to think aboutback to school)! I hope you'll stop over.Rhiannon at

  5. says

    What a great back to school round up Barb!I would love for you to link up this post at the Empty Your Archive party – we're focused on back to school posts this week but you can also share your great old posts on over 100 different topics in the Mummy Archive – Alice xx

    • says

      I kinda have something similar. Sometimes things never make it to the hooks but at least we have a basic plan. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend.


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