Back to School Freezer Slow Cooker Meals

Now that I have my Homework Station Organization and Make Ahead Breakfast’s and Sandwich-less Lunches  planned I wanted to come up with some suppers to put in the freezer. It’s always hard getting  used to new routines and adding sports practices, youth groups, etc. I wanted to eliminate any reason  for not having dinner ready.  In my search for freezer meals I found freezer slow cooker meals. That works even better for me! The idea of throwing it in the crock pot before heading out for work or the day’s activities and coming home to dinner already cooked?? That is what I’m all about!

Are you familiar with freezer cooking? Years ago I did it and I LOVED it!  It saved me so much time and so much money.  I’m not a huge fan of cooking and it was so nice to take a day and cook several meals and pull them out when needed.  


To get started with freezer cooking I suggest you visit Simple Organized Living.  She has a great guide on what you can and can’t freeze. You can find it HereYou don’t want to go to all the work and then things be all mushy.
Freezer Slow Cooker Meals
OK, here are the meals that I found on my search.  They look so good. I can’t wait to get cooking.
Six Cents

Part 1

Hawaiian Chicken Sandwiches
Savory Pepper Steak
Scalloped Potatoes and Ham
Salsa Chicken
Chicken Curry

Part 2

Divine Chicken
Spaghetti (with some hidden veggies in it)
Garlic Ranch Chicken
Beef Fajitas
Brown Sugar Chicken.

Part 4
Poppyseed Chicken
Shredded Pork Tacos
Ground Beef Stroganoff
Chicken Delicouse
BBQ Sauce and Hamburgers

Part 5
Mediterranean Pork Chops
Beef Pot Roast
Chipotle Lime Chicken
BBQ Pork Sandwiches

UPDATE 1/31/2013:
Aimee from Six-Cents has a new Freezer Cook Book
for sale for 8.00.  If interested please click link below to order.


Click here to view more details


Tomato Beef Stew
Golden Chicken
Bacon Feta Roast Chicken
Mexican Pot Roast
Sausage and Bean Supper
Pork & Veggies
Chicken Cordon Bleu Bundles
Cheesy Slow Cooker Pizza

Just Another Day In Paradise

Chicken and Salsa Flautas
Orange Chicken
Cafe Rio Crockpot Chicken
Teriyaki Chicken
Spaghetti Sauce and Meatballs
Sweet and Tangy Meatballs
Taco Soup
Cheesy Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole

The Test Kitchen of Melissa Fallis

Savory Vegetable Beef Soup
Teriyaki Chicken
Balsamic & Onion Pot Roast

Saving you Dinero

Crockpot Hawaiian Chicken
Beef Burritos
Garlic Honey Chicken
Teriyaki Pork Chops
Chicken Fahitas

1 Hour + 1 Mess = 5 Crock Pot Meals

Mama and Baby Love

Chicken Curry
Stephanie’s Goulash
Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken

Ring Around the Rosies 

(this site is a wealth of information)

Freezer Cooking 1
Teriyaki Chicken
Lazy Day Stew 
Savory Chicken 
Sweet & Tangy Meatballs 
Sausage & Peppers 
Browned Ground Chuck – Italian Style 

Shredded Chicken & Chicken Stock

Freezer cooking 2
Newlywed Beeftips
Slow Cooked Beef Fahitas
St. Patricks Day Pork and Kraut
Beef Roast

Freezer Cooking 3

Mini Meatloaf Cups
Family Freezer Meals:
Spaghetti for a Crowd
Divine Chicken
Summertime Beef Tips (to be grilled)
Cilantro Lime Chicken with black beans and corn

Freezer Cooking4
Mama Barbara’s Lasagna
Ginger Cranberry Pork Roast
French Beef Dip
Cumin Cinnamon Beef Stew
Summer Veggie Soup

Freezer Cooking 5

Chicken Cacciatore
Pepper Steak
Taco Soup
Bake Green Chile Enchiladas
Baked Goulash

Each one of these sites contain a wealth of information.  Also, if you are interested in just freezer cooking do a search on that.  There are tons of resources out there.

I’ve included a freezer inventory sheet so that we can keep track of the meals we have done.  I don’t want to waste my hard work.

Download Here

OK, I have NO excuse to not have a phenomenal school year!  I’m on my way to the grocery store to buy my food to get cooking.  Are you a fan of freezer cooking?
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  1. says

    This is one thing I can't wait to try! Our freezer is small & crappy right now, but once we get a new one I'm definitely doing Freezer meals & what's better than freezer slow cooker meals?!

  2. says

    Hi Barb, Wow that's major organizational skills! Impressive.Btw, I came to your blog through my new bloglovin account. I really like the layout there, makes it easy to follow everyone quickly.Thanks for sponsoring the signups:) Di

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing, I have a whole list of need to make now! Laura from Real Momma stopping by to say thanks for linking up to the Best of your Best Blog Hop!

  4. says

    Barb you outdid yourself. The resources are wonderful and the freezer inventory printable will really help keep me organized. Thanks for adding to my Our Favorite Things Link Party.

  5. says

    Whoa! SO ORGANIZED! I'm not sure I can do that! LOL I am certainly going to try!Thank you so much for sharing all of your research. I'm sharing your information as well via Pinterest and FB.

  6. says

    I love freezer crock pot cooking! I've done it a few times and it is so easy! I really need to make this a priority this Fall during our busy school schedules. Thanks so much for sharing at Fabulous Friday. I'm pinning this now!

  7. says

    You are a featured favorite on Saturday Show & Tell on Cheerios and Lattes this weekend! Thanks again for sharing!Mackenzie :)

  8. Jillian @ Hi! It&#03 says! Thank you for rounding up all those recipes!! I'm going to make some of these for my family, as well as a few friends who are having babies soon. :)

  9. Anonymous says

    I found you on pinterest while looking for more ideas on freezing food. I cannot wait to make this. Thank you for making it easy for all of us.

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    This is such a great post with tons of useful information. Thanks for sharing at the Home Matters Party! Definitely will be putting this to use during this transition from summer to fall.
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